JCT Compliant Contracts Insurance

This is an area of insurance which is often misunderstood by Brokers and can leave a Principal and Contractor with inadequate cover or no cover at all.

We can advise Principals, Contractors, Architects, Surveyors, Project Co-ordinators and Property Management Companies on the insurance implications of JCT contracts and provide insurance solutions to comply with JCT contracts.

These include:

  • Existing structures where the JCT contract demands the Principal insures on a joint named basis with the Contractor
  • Short period contract works policies where the JCT contract demands these are the responsibility of the Principal
  • Terrorist covers
  • Non-negligent so called 21.2.1 or 6.5.1 covers for removal of support and damage to surrounding properties not part of the works
  • Professional Indemnity requirements
  • Latent Defects

Insurance Tip number 21
If you are a cold roofer which uses a disc cutter, are you aware that most insurers now classify your activity as hot roofing? If you have not told them you use a disc cutter you may find you have no cover
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